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Certified Humanist Celebrant Frank Harlan defines
 Non-Religious or Non-Denominational?

What is the difference between a Non-Religious
and a Non-Denominational Wedding Ceremony?


Although structured somewhat like a traditional wedding ceremony, a Non-Religious or Secular, wedding ceremony celebrates the love between the couple without invoking any religious content or subject matter. A Non-religious ceremony may include cultural symbolism and rituals in it's content. However, the primary focus and narrative is on the couple's commitment and fidelity to each other, and their shared optimism for their future together.

A Non-Denominational wedding ceremony is religion-based but not necessarily focused on a single religion’s belief system. It usually includes elements of various religious practices; readings religious text and prayer. Meaning that, the content and symbolism incorporated into the ceremony reflects a general belief in a higher power. As a Humanist Celebrant, Frank Harlan does not perform wedding ceremonies with religious content.


Frank Harlan Humanist Celebrant | Secular Officiant
Presiding over Non-Religious Weddings for Couples of All Genders.

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