HOW TO DO IT: A Virtual Wedding Primer
Virtual Wedding Support

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Ryan and Julie's COVID-19 Wedding Celebration had 250 Virtual Guests and a dozen more standing outside the fence.   Photo: Valerie Blake Photography

"Remember, you are real.
It's your guests who are attending virtually."

What is Virtual Wedding Support? Well let me answer that question this way. If you just want to know how to put the pieces together to live stream your wedding ceremony to family and friends, let's have the conversation. I can show you the easiest and the most complicated ways to do it. Or, If you prefer to let someone else handle the Virtual Element of your wedding day, we can help you there as well.

“If you are geeky enough,
you can do most of the
preparation yourself. ”

Adding a Virtual Element to your wedding day celebration is relatively easy if only a few virtual guests are participating. Frank can show you How To do that so your viewing audience gets to see, hear and feel everything.

Consultation Services: HOW TO Virtual Wedding Primer

Frank Harlan’s personal one-on-one Virtual Wedding Workshop will provide you with hands-on sampling of streaming Apps and make clear to you what is required of you to deliver the level of production you need and are comfortable with. Heck, just look at the pictures on this page, these set ups were worked out with each couple, based on ease and cost effective options.


Virtual Wedding Workshop, two 1-hour sessions.
Session 1: Introduction, Q&A, What and How
Session 2: A Testing of Equipment and Comprehension

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"Virtual Guest Lists are Unlimited. The savings on food and alcohol
make inviting Virtual Guests  to your Wedding very practical."


If you choose to bring in a hundred guests through a popular Meeting App that’s when you start to get some options. Multiple cameras becomes the obvious choice. And for that kind of virtual presentation you may need some help.

Virtual Conductor Services

Frank's team of virtual minions can either work with you onsite at your wedding venue (our preferred method if less than 100 miles of travel one way). Or for weddings productions in other part of the Pacific Northwest or other states will be Conducted from the Wedding Studio at FranMo Urban Farm in Seattle.

Frank's multi-camera Zoom Wedding Productions
will bring your virtual guests to the front row!

If having the most important people in your life attend your wedding ceremony is your goal, then adding a virtual element to your wedding day will allow you to invite anyone from anywhere in the world.


Evan and Anna's Virtual Wedding was attended by dozens of family and friends on the east cost and in the Midwest during the COVID-19 Pandemic of 2020.

People have become so comfortable with the idea logging-on to connect with friends and family that even elderly family members can participate. And many couples don’t think twice about using a cell phone and popular apps like WeChat and FaceTime to invite their family and friends watch their

elopement ceremony -- As an Officiant, I do it regularly. There is always someone you would love to be a part of the special day to share tears of joy and a heartfelt moment in time from the comfort (and safety) of their home.

Frank's multi-camera Zoom Wedding Productions will bring your virtual guests to the front row and can easily be recorded for future viewing.



Top 3 Questions About
Virtual Weddings in Washington State

Q: Can me and my partner be at different location than the officiant and/or our witnesses?

A: NO. A marriage cannot be legally solemnized in Washington through the internet. Marriage by Proxy is not legal in Washington State. The "Virtual" concept is how your guests will attend and view your wedding ceremony online.

"Although it is known as a virtual wedding, you are real. It's your guests who are attending virtually."

Q: What is required to have a legally binding Virtual Wedding Ceremony?

A: On the day of your wedding you will need a Valid WA State Marriage License. At minimum, the persons legally required to be present include an Officiant (Celebrant, Minister, Priest, Rabi) to perform the ceremony and sign off on your legal documents, and two witnesses.

Q: Our family lives in several different time zones, can we schedule an early morning or late-night ceremony?

A: Of course, that’s the best thing of having a Virtual Wedding, no one is left out.