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FranMo Urban Farm: About Us

Frank Harlan and his wife and partner of 18 years, Molly Cartwright have always shared a passion for landscaping and gardening. Their small urban farm currently spans an entire acre. Yes, that means a lot of weeding and nurturing of live plants, but for them those tasks serve as a meditation. It is the way they stay grounded.


Supporting the "New Normal" with fresh ideas and concepts for small private get-togethers and celebrations.

Frank and Molly offer hosted events in their private gardens for small events during the time of the year when their gardens are at peak performance and the most beautiful (June-Sept) daytime hours. 

25,000sf Park-like setting that provides a relaxing environment and gives everyone a chance to engage and comfortably interact with one another."

For more than 30-years Frank Harlan produced, performed, and hosted 100's of special events corporate, private, and public. From his experiences at event venues, large and small, the one thing that is crystal clear is that for smaller gatherings; groups of 15, 20 or 30 people don't have a lot of options for unique spaces to host an event. We believe that smaller events want creative options too. Often spaces for this size of gathering are a private dining rooms with minimum food and drink requirements. FranMo is a little more DIY with onsite support.


Events in The Garden are limited to daylight hours and early evenings. Making it the perfect setting for an Afternoon Garden Party Get-togethers, Offsite Work Team meetings and of course contemporary Micro Wedding Productions. 

"Destined to be one of Seattle's most popular outdoor spaces."


Sure, FranMo Urban Farm could host much larger events. However, Frank and Molly have chosen to share their beautiful space while preserving it.

Currently Booking June-Sept.
Site visits by appointment only.

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