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FranMo Urban Farm does not have chickens. Or cows, pigs or goats. We grow vegetables, flowering plants and trees. As stewards of the planet, we do our part to maintain and preserve a beautiful conservation parcel of land, located near former chestnut orchards. We don't grow chestnuts either. But, you've really got to check out our tomatoes!

Every season, we started several different Heirloom Tomatoes from seeds. Tomatoes have included Indigo Rose, Early Girl, Better Boy, Seattle's Best, Charlie Chaplin and an assortment yellow pear and Tumbling Tom cherry tomatoes. This year several dozen plants will be donated to the Magnuson Park P-Patch where gardeners volunteer to grow fresh produce for Seattle's Giving Gardens Network. These fresh vegetables are distributed to some of the smaller Food Bank at locations on campuses and in low-income communities throughout Seattle.

FranMo Urban Farm
We Grow Heirloom Tomatoes

MASON BEES The Queens of Pollination

Mason Bees are simply fascinating little creatures bring into your garden and so much fun to watch. This is our sixth season (2024) raising, harvesting, and pollinating our spring blooms with Mason Bees. 

The primary worker bee is the female, they are all queens. Male bees only live long enough to leave sperm samples with as many Female bees as they can, they get a week or so, then their life is over.


The queens however will go through a daily routine of collecting pollen in their furry little bodies and nectar in their mouths. Then making a ball of food, laying a egg, deciding whether it should be male or female and making it so. They will collect mud, build a wall and begin again -- building little chambers and filling them. The eggs that were laid will become larva who will eat the food left in their chamber, create a cocoon and go to sleep until spring. 


Wanna know more about our friends, the Mason Bees?

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