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A Personalized Elopement Wedding any Day of the Year.
FranMo's Elopement Wedding

If you were planning to have a simple courthouse wedding in Seattle, but would really like to get married in the morning, or afternoon, or a little later? Let's talk. Our Elopement wedding includes a little extra stuff e.g., custom scripting and personalized vows. And if you would like you can record your ceremony on your cell phone or stream it live to your family and friends.


"More than just the I Do's."

If a intimate ceremony in the privacy of the Elopement Garden sounds like what you were hoping to do together, then consider speaking with Seattle Officiant Frank Harlan. Contact Us for Details and Date Availability.

Couples receive a personalized wedding ceremony script, the signing and processing of all required legal documents, and 2 certified copies sent to you for your records.


"The difference between a Courthouse-style Elopement and my Elopement Wedding is that the first is like going to the courthouse, est. ceremony length is about 5 minutes. Whereas my Elopement Wedding is a more 'formal' production that involves a bit of pre-production communications to create a personalized script and vows. Est. ceremony length 20 min."

You and your partner are required to have a valid Washington State Marriage License in hand. You may have up to 10 guests if you would like. However, 2 Witnesses are required by law (may be provided for you).

The Fee for this wedding package is $450*. 
This reduced service fee is valid only for ceremonies performed by Frank in The Wedding Studio or Elopement Garden at FranMo Urban Farm in Seattle, WA.


*All fees are due un advance. An Elopement ceremony at a location of your choice, within a 15-mile radius of FranMo Urban Farm is available and will incur a travel fee.

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