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Brunch, Lunch, and Early Evening Receptions
Mixers & Weekday Receptions

FranMo's Garden View Patio is the ultimate gathering place for weekday gathering and evening get-togethers. With social distancing still trending, event planners are often searching for an outdoor space for their organization's offsite activities. FranMo Urban Farm is one of those spaces. Our 25,000sf Park-like environment can make any event more memorable, comfortable, and fun.

The Garden View Patio; Bigger and Better
Extended to 750sf for 2023! Must See!


Depending on what you would like to do with your event FranMo offers multiple staging options, practical use spaces and a massive lawn. We have an open catering policy so, hire a professional or BYO and DIY. We are always happy to make referrals for support services.

Mixers and Weekday Receptions

Weekday Rentals from $1700
Site Visits by Appointment Only.

501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organizations may be eligible for a price reduction.

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