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Best Garden Venue in Seattle for
Mixers, Receptions & Soirées

FranMo's Garden View Patio is the ultimate gathering place for weekday afternoon and early evening get-togethers. With social distancing still trending, event planners are often searching for an outdoor space where a couple dozen people can hang out for social time and networking. Please check out our Photo Gallery

Hosting a Organization's Social Mixer, Cocktail Party, or a Reception of any kind at FranMo Urban Farm will be a relaxing and engaging experience for anyone attending.


Depending on what you would like to do with your event The Gardens at FranMo offers multiple staging options, practical use spaces and a massive lawn. We have an open catering policy so, hire a professional or BYO and DIY. We are always happy to make referrals for support services.


We find that Brunch is like an afternoon social event with family and close friends, usually a sit-down meal (buffet-style or picnic). An Evening Soirée is a social gathering that is more about mingling, networking, charcuterie boards, finger foods, and local wines and microbrews. Receptions have been hosted in The Garden for a variety of private events and annual events.

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501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organizations may be eligible for a price reduction.

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