Certified Humanist Celebrant 

Frank Harlan
Non-Religious Wedding Officiant

Frank Harlan’s years of professional experience as a Wedding Officiant and Master of Ceremony for private and public events makes it easy for him to create a comfortable environment that relaxes brides and grooms, and allows them to share a candid and emotional experience with their family and friends in attendance.

"As an Officiant, Frank Harlan has a
charismatic charm and a stage presence
that is fondly familiar."

From Processional to Recessional, Frank will script, choreograph and direct your wedding ceremony so that you can manage your nerves and be the best you can be on one of the most significant days of your lives as a couple.

“Give to every other human being every right that you claim for yourself.”

~ Thomas Paine, Humanist 

Creative. Contemporary. Unconventional.

"Since 2009 I have produced and performed more than 700 weddings, about 100 of those were for my LGBTQ brothers and sisters."

~Frank Harlan

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic and the CDC’s "Social Distancing" recommendations,  Frank will only be scheduling Virtual Weddings and Elopement-style Weddings (the two of you and up to 8 guests) at a private residence or at FranMo Urban Farm through the end of this year.

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