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An urban farm and garden venue in Seattle!
The Gardens at FranMo Urban Farm 

The Gardens at FranMo Urban Farm offer more than half an acre of private photo-fabulous backdrops, practical-use spaces, and multiple staging areas at a single location.

Booking Outdoor Meetings & Events Daily June-Sept 7a-7p
Contact Us Today for Details and Date Availability.

Minimums Apply: Sat & Sun $2100 | Mon-Fri $1700

Site Visits by Appointment Only.


NOTE: Elopement & Micro Wedding Packages are available year-round.

The Gardens at FranMo Urban Farm is laid out like an outdoor production studio -- Natural backdrops and visual outdoor themes abound. At FranMo we know what it takes to put together a successful event hosting a small group friends, family, and work mates. Events include a Venue Host to work with you to plan and support your event throughout your production.

"The privacy of an estate property and the casualness of an urban farm."

Some of the unique features you'll find in The Gardens of FranMo Urban Farm:


Garden View Patio - Follow the terra-cotta stairs to the Garden View Patio, sitting 8' above the Massive Lawn is the best place to view everything going on below and from side to side. Japanese Maples, assorted Evergreens, seasonal flowers and plants encase the patio.

Blackberry Terrace - A 1,024 sf patio located in the NE corner of The Gardens that host a 20' x 30' covered space surrounded by gardens and foliage on all four sides.

Small Hall - Many venues offer a Great Hall or the Grande Hall, but at FranMo, we have a Small Hall surrounded by walls of succulents, moss and flowering plants.


"A popular outdoor space in Seattle for Afternoon Garden Parties, Micro Weddings, Offsite Meetings and Receptions."

The Massive Lawn - Not always green but always open to play lawn games. We have several available including favorites like  Badminton, Cornhole, Giant Jenga. The venue host is available to answer any “How to Play” questions and even assist with friendly conflict resolution... when needed : )

P-Patch – The P-Patch is FranMo's vegetable garden that provides lots of fresh vegetables; a summer crop of snap peas, green beans, cucumbers, onions, lettuces, raspberries, fresh herbs and of course, tomatoes. Also a great place to stage an elopement wedding.

Garden Bridge - From the Garden View Patio the bridge crosses over the Bonsai Garden and takes you down the stairs onto The Massive Lawn, and to the Evergreen Arbor Stage. The bridge and the arbor are constructed from Yellow Alaskan Cedar. The finish on the wood was created using the Shou Sugi Ban method -- an ancient Japanese technique for finishing and preserving wood.

Evergreen Arbor Stage - The main staging area for wedding ceremonies at FranMo. The over-sized Arbor is centered on the east side of our Massive Lawn and set at the base of several 100 ft tall Cedar and Fir trees.


Garden Shed - Because even a little Urban Farm needs a Garden Shed. Ours is flanked by the plant nursery and sheet metal fencing.


Lil Squatch Trail - A picturesque walking path that resides on the South side of The Gardens. Great for first looks and sneaking kisses in the bushes. To get there walk off the SW corner of the Garden View Patio, go past the south east side of the wood shed, pat the Selfie Wall and you’ll see a big tree stump with double hearts chain sawed in it. The trail head is on the backside. Start there.

FranMo Urban Farm is honored to be the host of a 117-year old Cedrus Deodara tree that is 10' in diameter at the base and over100' tall. This beautiful tree is recognized as a "Champion" by the WA State Forestry Service, making it one of the largest species of its type in the state of Washington. The Elopement Wedding stage sits at the base of this stunning tree.


​Nursery and Plant Rescue – Every season vegetables, flowers and cuttings are started and propagated, then incorporated into the gardens or given away. Since 2018, we start dozens of our own Heirloom Tomatoes from seeds, saved from previous year. These plants a distributed to Magnusson Park P-Patch’s Giving Gardens which provides fresh produce to several different neighborhood food sharing programs.

As an Eco-friendly venue FranMo recycles (paper, cans and bottles) and composts any food waste and compostable materials created from your event. 

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