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A private venue for smaller gatherings
The Garden Stages at FranMo

The Gardens at FranMo Urban Farm are a 25,000sf park-like setting abound with 100's of seasonal trees and plants. And, dozens of places to stage stunning photographs -- An outdoor playground for any professional photographer.


The Gardens have unique staging locations, each surrounded by a never-ending montage of natural backdrops packed full of ever-changing seasonal colors. Here a three stages you won't find anywhere else.


Evergreen Arbor Stage

The main staging area at FranMo is the over-sized Arbor centered on the South lawn and set at the base of several 100+ ft tall Cedar and Fir trees.

From the Garden View Patio the bridge crosses over the Japanese Maple Garden and takes you down the stairs to the Evergreen Arbor stage. The bridge and the arbor are constructed from Yellow Alaskan Cedar. The finish on the wood was created using the Shou Sugi Ban method -- an ancient Japanese technique for preserving wood. A simply beautiful setting.


P-Patch (a.k.a Vegan Stage)
The P-Patch Stage is set in the middle of 10 raised garden beds and flanked by two lush beds of flowers. Guests are surrounded by tomatoes, squash, kale, green beans, snap peas and a variety of aromatic herbs -- Lavender, Sage, and Rosemary.


Elopement Garden's Cedar Tree Stage
Set at the base of an old timber Cedrus Deodara Tree surrounded by many Pacific Northwest mainstay species. It is simply stunning. 
The tree is 10’ diameter and more than 115-years old  --  a protected tree, recognized by the National Forestry Service as a "Champion". One of the largest species of its type in the state of Washington. This is the outdoor staging area used for courthouse-style elopement weddings.

Click Here for a list of other Garden Features.

Visits to the property are limited to private rentals.
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