Non-Religious Memorial Services 
Celebration of Life Memorial Services
Presided over by Officiant, Frank Harlan

As an experienced and Certified Humanist Celebrant, Frank Harlan can assist you in finding closure after a partner, relative, close friend or loved one has completed their life's journey.

A Celebration of Life Memorial Service is a ceremony that acknowledges loss and celebrates a life without employing religious rituals. A memorial service is often more practical than a traditional funeral service, especially if the guest of honor has donated their body to science, was cremated, or is simply not available (i.e. lost at sea, MIA, COVID-19 etc.).


Virtual Memorial Services may incorporate a variety of social media streaming apps. However, for this level of interactive participation Google Meet and Zoom have delivered the most successful results.

Frank works with you to organize all the elements of the Celebration of Life program by gathering content and communicating with friends and family who wish to share their thoughts and memories. Frank's Celebration of Life Memorial, whether live or virtual gives mourners a chance to gather with others who feel the loss and want to share their love and admiration for the deceased.

 I believe that friends and families coming together to grieve, even under the unusual conditions we are currently living in, will help relieve some of the sadness many of them may be feeling.

A Celebration of Life Memorial service can take place any time; from a few days to several weeks following a funeral or cremation. And can take place anywhere from community center, art gallery, back yard, deceased’s favorite park, or restaurant.*

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