Elopement Weddings with Officiant Frank Harlan
Casual Elopement Weddings

At FranMo, we have two choices when it comes Elopement Wedding services, the Casual Elopement and a Courthouse Wedding.

What's the Difference between a Casual Elopement and a Courthouse Wedding at FranMo Urban Farm?

The main difference is how involved do you want to be? Because a Casual Elopement includes a personalized script, vows and more. A Casual Elopement ceremony could be 15 minutes or more in length. While a Courthouse Wedding, sticks to a Traditional Civil Union script and may take 5-minutes to complete. Depending on your preference, Frank will accommodate.


Officiant Frank Harlan in associations with FranMo Urban Farm offers a Come As You Are Casual Elopement wedding for couples who want to share a private wedding ceremony with a few close friends. Since 2009, Frank Harlan has presided over hundreds of Weddings for couples of all genders. And continues to perform wedding throughout Seattle and the surrounding communities.


Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter! Elope During Your Favorite Season in The Gardens at FranMo Urban Farm.


FranMo's Casual Elopement Wedding Package

This Elopement Wedding Ceremony is available year-round and can take place in our indoor Wedding Studio or on one of the Garden Stages, followed by a Cell Phone Photoshoot* around the Gardens.

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To have your Elopement Wedding at FranMo, you and your partner are required to have a valid Washington State Marriage License in hand. Your group is limited to 8 persons, a minimum of 2 Witnesses are required (and may be provided for you). No Reception Activities.


Invite Virtual Guests to attend with FaceTime or WeChat: We will provide one Tripod, w/ Cell Phone Mount and a Microphone.

Elopement Weddings Any Day of the Week.

Year-round by Appointment Only.

Following your Elopement Wedding, Frank will sign and submit your certificate of marriage documents for processing and have two certified copies sent to you.

*Couples may provide a professional photographer.