An Elopement Wedding with Officiant Frank Harlan
Elope in the Gardens at FranMo


Since 2009, Seattle Wedding Officiant, Frank Harlan has presided over hundreds Secular Unions and Non-religious Weddings for couples of all genders. He is the preferred Officiant of brides and grooms who choose to put their faith in a partnership based in mutual love and devotion.

Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter!
Elope During Your Favorite Season in The Gardens.


Elopement Weddings in The Gardens at FranMo are more popular now then ever before, for many couples their wedding day is something they want to be very small and private. At FranMo Urban Farm an Elopement wedding’s guest lists may range from as few as two witnesses to a gathering of a dozen people including family and close friends; with some attending via FaceTime or Zoom or popular live streaming app.


We are always happy make the equipment available required to bring in a few guests virtually so, that no one who is important to you is left out of your wedding day celebration.

Elopement Weddings Any Day of the Week
Year-round by Appointment Only.

To have an Elopement at FranMo, you and your partner are required to have a valid Washington State Marriage License in hand. With this package, you may have up to 10 guests if you would like. However, 2 Witnesses are required by law (may be provided for you). Following your Elopement Wedding, Frank Harlan will sign and submit your certificate of marriage documents for processing and have two certified copies sent to you for your records.

Package and Fee:

Elopement Wedding in The Gardens or Wedding Studio at FranMo Urban Farm any day of the week between the hours of 9a-6p. Elopement Ceremonies start at $450*, package includes a personalized ceremony and the signing and processing of all required legal documents. Plus basic amenities and use of The Gardens for a newlywed's photo shoot.

*Reduced Fee offering is valid only for services provided by Officiant Frank Harlan at The Wedding Studio or in The Gardens at FranMo Urban Farm Seattle, WA. Off-site Elopement Services will incur an additional fee.